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Оригиналната статия

SKILL BobbleHead locations :

BobbleHead MEDICINE – Increase medical skill +10 – Found in Vault 101, right in the beginning of the game on your Dad’s desk.
BobbleHead SPEECH – Increase speech skill +10 – Found in Paradise Falls, Eulogy’s Pad.
BobbleHead SCIENCE – Increase science skill +10 – Found in Vault 106, Living quarters
BobbleHead BARTER – Increase barter skill +10 – Found in Evergreen Mills – Market Bazaar
BobbleHead BIG GUNS – Increase big guns skill +10 – Found in Fort Constantine – CO Quarters
BobbleHead ENERGY WEAPONS – Increase energy weapons skill +10 – Found in Raven Rock
BobbleHead EXPLOSIVES – Increase explosives skill +10 – Found in WKML Broadcast Station – Sealed Cistern
BobbleHead LOCKPICK – Increase lockpick skill +10 – Found in Bethesda – Bethesda Offices East
BobbleHead MELEE WEAPONS – Increase melee skill +10 – Found in Dunwich Building – Virulent Underchambers
BobbleHead REPAIR – Increase repair skill +10 – Found in Aerefu – Evan King’s House
BobbleHead SMALL GUNS – Increase small guns skill +10 – Found in National Guard Depot – National Guard Armory
BobbleHead SNEAK – Increase sneak skill +10 – Found in Yao Guai Tunnels – Yao Guai Den
BobbleHead UNARMED – Increase unarmed skill +10 – Found in Rockopolis – Head directly west from Casey Smith’s Garage, look for tattered banners strung up.
STATS BobbleHead locations
BobbleHead INTELLIGENCE – Found in Rivet City, science lab
BobbleHead PERCEPTION – Found in the Republic of Dave – Museum of Dave
BobbleHead ENDURANCE – Found in Deathclaw Sanctuary – Deathclaw Sanctuary Entrance

BobbleHead CHARISMA – Found in Vault 108 – Cloning Lab
BobbleHead AGILITY – Found in Greener Pastures Disposal – Office
BobbleHead LUCK – Found in Arlington Cemetery North – Arlington House
BobbleHead STRENGTH – Found in Megaton – Lucas Simms House

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