My Nokia Lumia 920 died.

Dear Nokia,

Last week on Thursday my beloved Nokia Lumia 920 died. It was working and then it wasn’t. It woke me up as it does every day, then I checked some mails with my morning coffee. Two hours later, while wondering around Schiphol, I wanted to use some free Wifi, pressed unlock button and nothing happened. It wasn’t battery, it was completely charged. It just did not work. You know, it was bad. Because I did nothing special. I did not hit it, drover it over, sunk it in 50 meters of water or used knife to play some game. It was in my pocket, safe and secure as usual. That’s the thing – phones don’t just die like that. With no apparent reason. If I tried to hammer a nail with it and it died, I would be perfectly fine. But I did not. And yet, my phone died on me.

To make things worse, Windows Phone 8 is very personal operating system. So having a dead phone is a bit more personal. At least to me.

I’m well aware of the fact that it is a very complex hardware running very complex software. But my previous phone (Lumia 800) did not die on me and I had it for a year. It was not so complex, but still.

I don’t know what are your priorities, but may be it will be nice to focus a bit on this problem. Because phones should not die.

Yours, A Lumia 920 user