An iron without temperature regulator? Why no one talks about it?

Several days ago I’ve ironed my clothes with an iron. So far nothing new. But the thing is that the iron had no temperature regulator. You know, this thingy on the top that you rotate to select what kind of clothes you have. I have no idea how it works. People at Philips do. But it is magical. Seriously. Then Tefal has a cordless iron. Apparently, it is even useful. Again, no clue how they do it, but sounds totally awesome. And yet, none of the big IT sites ever mentioned it. Ok, I can’t remember seeing something. On other hand, there are nice long articles about a start-up company which managed to sell their main feature twice. And got several millions USD while doing it. Which got me thinking that our IT business is a bit broken. We are fascinated by pointless applications (omg, yet another weather app, but look how simplistic it is) but we happily ignore not-so-sexy-right-now things. Which actually can change our lives. Make them simpler. Easier. When I say “our”, think moms who can leave their iron horizontal on the table and it won’t burn the house. Or the clothing (did not try that one, but should work). Indeed, an iron without temperature dial or an iron without cable is not cool enough and definitely we can’t install it on our über smart phones along with the other 10000 apps that we already have neatly organized in super-awesome folders. What’s my point? Well, my point is that for some reason we’ve been focusing on pretty pointless stuff lately (stickers in chat app that cost money is a good example) and we are forgetting that, actually and at the end of the day it should be better for everyone if we try to fix something. It might not be amazingly well designed, cool and totally ninja awesome, but that’s not important. What is important is to help someone. Your mom. Or dad. Make their lives easier. Not really sure how, but yet another todo list app with wooden background won’t do the trick. Believe me. And get that iron.